Social Science – Perot Museum

Social Science – Perot Museum

Friday Night, 1/27/17, from 7-11 PM, the Perot Museum was transformed into an Adult’s playground, complete with interactive experiments that dazzle and inform, and of course, cocktails to accompany the fun.  If you have never been to Social Science / Adult Night, I highly recommend you check it out.  This event is held quarterly and always has a theme;  Friday night was “Creativity.”

I went with Will and this is the third time we have attended this event.  We usually try to make it at least once a year.  So basically, you have three hours to explore the museum and play!  We started out on the bottom level, which consists of sports themed experiments: you can race a T-Rex or compare your hockey slap-shot or gymnastics cartwheel next to a professional!  We then traveled up that LONG escalator to the top floor which covers Space (my fave) and Dinosaurs.   The next place we stopped was the Mineral and Gems, then on to the interactive exhibits where you get to build tinker-toy type bridges, experiment with kinetic energy, etc.

In addition to getting to walk around and drink alcohol – which who wouldn’t have fun drinking late night at a museum and acting like a kid again? – they have experiments set throughout.  Members usually get to make something to take home (last time they got to do a screen print, this time i think it was a Spirograph of sorts).  They also had some professional Swing Dancers in the lobby along with a DJ, so it turns into a little dance party! =)  Don’t leave without getting your picture done at a selfie booth for your take-home commemorative pic!

All in all, this is not a bad way to spend a Friday night.  Since we live downtown, we even decided to walk home! 🙂  (only about a 10 minute trek).  The next event is in April, so get your tickets now -they usually sell out fast!

Here is a link to the next event, April 28th: